FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Coldpressed is best at jusee we offer only the best quality therefore we invested in a hydraulic cold press liberates the nutritional enzymes from the fibres of the produce and then puts them under extreme pressure as the hydraulic press does not force air into the juice during pressing the juice does not decay as fast so youre left with a higher mineral content this is the highest quality juice extraction method

Yes we support both local and organic farming practices we ensure our twelve mostused ingredients (the dirty dozen) are organic we strive to keep the same policy with other ingredients availability permitting

Cold pressing ensures the most nutritious and live juice possible. Our juices last 3-5 days.
Please keep it refrigerated.

Yes indeed. We really thought this through. The Juice Cleanse is formulated to work at detoxifying your body in the proper order hence why we provide a guide that must be followed until your cleanse is over.

The best time to juice is in the morning first thing to break your fast should be something that will detox you like juice smoothies or fruits if you are on a juice fast this concept goes as well except you are juicing for the whole day therefore i recommend the best time would be when you feel hungry because this allows all the nutrients to go straight to your cells

Yes on average you should expect your juicer to leave you 90 percent less fiber in doing that however it doesnt affect the number of nutrients that it sends to your body when juicing the sole purpose is for your juicer to extract the liquids from the fruits and vegetables this can be alarming to some because of how concentrated the juices can become if you think you will find fiber in your juices you will but the soluble fibers which are not enough to keep up with your daily fiber intake another way to keep the insoluble fibers is to blend your juices so that you keep the pulp in them that way you get a juice filled with nutrients and fiber another way to keep up with your fiber is to also add fruits and vegetables in your daily diet

Organic produce is preferred as it tends to yield more juice and have better flavor based on whats in season and where its from organic produce are great to buy because instead of farmers using chemical weed killers herbicides insecticides antibiotics and hormones they use natural fertilizers beneficial insects and birds and rotate crops the farmers use preventive measures to deter disease

No. It is not recommended but please check with your doctor.

At jusee we do not blend our juices as we use a cold pressed machine for all our produce this is then strained and poured into a 500ml glass bottle tight sealed this allows for freshness to last blended juices have a different affect as they still have fiber in it the whole point if juicing is to extract the juices as concentrate and get that liquid vitamin into the cells without your body having to do the work juicing gives your body a break

Yes. We will provide the address for the pick up once order is confirmed

Our juices here at jusee are 100% pure fruit and vegetable we do not add any preservative as we are a holistic brand and we believe in leaving fruit and vegetables in their natural state the only thing we add are lemons which help with the longevity of the juices